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Hello unregistered user!

We believe security and privacy should be at the forefront of all online user engagement. We only collect data we need to serve you better.

We have integrated login with Auth0. We receive mininmal data necessary to confirm that you performed login actions successfully. You can see this data in User Profile. We do not have access to your password.

We have integrated text messaging and email features with Twilio and Sendgrid. We use Sendgrid for outbound transational email.

When you send us email it comes over paths configured for mail servers. When you send us a text message it comes over paths configured by the carriers. We have no control over this. We recommend that you do not share sensitive data.

If we need to collect additional authorization data from you we will inform you. With optional services you have a choice.

We ask you to authorize us, for example, to use your twitter account. We use this to retweet on your behalf to promote you and yours books. You can remove this authorization at any time. You have full control over this. If you like you can read about Twitter's OAuth overview.

We use cookies essential for website's operations.

We do not place advertising cookies and do not sell your data.

We collect usage analytics using Google's Analytics platform.

Additionally, header data from browser request is also collected. It helps us design better products.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Contact us if there are any questions.

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