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About the founder:

Having cheered and supported his writer wife Karin for years, Nikhil was inspired to help writers build a platform of their own.

Nikhil has deep experience in tech, cloud, and AI. He loves to run long distances and prioritizes an idyllic lifestyle.

Karin is a professional writer. She has published 10 books, which includes a 7 book series.

You can connect with Nikhil on LinkedIn.
You can reach Karin at her site.



As a writer:

Research supports that your best thoughts, creative ideas, and inspiration can strike at any time.

After many months of hard work when the first draft comes together it must be reviewed and improved until it is exactly as you imagined it. You need speed and control over your process.

MARCIE is a one-stop platform for managing writing projects, collaborating with the community, and generating fast analytic feedback on your story.

It was designed to simplify your workspace by making your existing tools, email, and the native messaging app work with it seemlessly.



About Data Product Company, LLC

At Data Product Company LLC we aspire to shape the future with a "social" network of things, a digital age augmented by A.I. that partners with humans. It is our belief that emphasis on social value leads to greater good. Our things are increasingly based on software. When data is packaged with software the underlying intelligence and predictions within data is liberated.

Our things should work for us, consistently and intelligently. So that as humans we can spend time and energy on creativity, community, and friendships. Activities that research support are important for living a happy and a healthy life.

MARCIE is a human sounding name for a powerful AI called M.AR.C.I.E. It stands for Multidimensional ARray Configuration Inferred Expression. We built M.AR.C.I.E to serve as a foundation for the platform for writers. It's THE thing that makes the platform deliver value for writers.

We built the entire stack - webapp, text-to-web AI, the M.AR.C.I.E engine, the automation, cloud infrastructure - for tenth of the cost of what a funded startup spends over multiple years. Engineering can be expensive for non-tech founders and product teams. We know how to be frugal and execute really well.